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Anxiety Specialist

Debra N Brosius, Psy.D., LLC

Psychologists & Mental Health Practice located in McLean, VA

Anxiety causes temporary feelings of dread and unease during stressful situations. However, if you experience ongoing anxiety that affects daily life, you may have an anxiety disorder. At Debra N Brosius, Psy.D., LLC in McLean, Virginia, Dr. Brosius is a psychologist who specializes in evaluating and treating anxiety. She takes an integrative approach to mental health, conducting comprehensive assessments and providing personalized therapy to help you manage your anxiety. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today. Teletherapy is available.

Anxiety Q & A

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a normal reaction to stressful situations, causing feelings of fear, dread, and unease. Though temporary, these feelings may improve your reaction to the stressful situation by boosting energy and focus. 

However, if you have an anxiety disorder, your feelings of fear, dread, and unease are frequent and can be overwhelming. These feelings affect your daily life and may make it hard for you to go to work or school. 

What are common types of anxiety disorders?

There are many types of anxiety disorders. Though different types of anxiety disorder may have different triggers, they all cause extreme fear or worry that affects quality of life. 

Types of anxiety disorders include:

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)

People with GAD experience excessive fear and worry about everyday things, such as work, finances, or health. Their anxiety symptoms occur almost daily and last six or more months.

Panic disorder

People with a panic disorder have frequent, unexpected panic attacks. Panic attacks cause sudden feelings of intense fear that last several minutes, causing physical symptoms like heart palpitations and shortness of breath.

If you have a panic disorder, you may constantly worry about your next panic attack, avoiding people or places you fear may trigger the attack. 


Phobias are intense fears about things or situations that pose no real threat. Fear of spiders and heights are types of phobias. Social anxiety disorder is also a type of phobia that causes intense fear and dread about social situations. 

What happens during an anxiety assessment?

Dr. Brosius is an experienced psychologist who takes an integrative approach to care. When you come in with concerns about anxiety, she conducts a diagnostic intake to better understand your concerns and review your medical and mental health history. 

Depending on your needs, Dr. Brosius may suggest a comprehensive assessment, which includes tests that evaluate your emotional, psychological, and cognitive well-being. 

How is anxiety treated?

Treatment for anxiety may include psychotherapy, medication, or both. Dr. Brosius works closely with you and your other health care providers to design a plan that best meets your needs.

For anxiety disorders, she offers in-office therapy or teletherapy services. The specifics of your therapy depend on your symptoms and needs. Most people with anxiety respond positively to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

With CBT, Dr. Brosius helps you find healthy ways to think, react, and behave during situations that trigger your anxiety. 

For help with your anxiety, schedule a consultation at the office of Debra N Brosius, Psy.D., LLC by calling or booking an appointment online today.