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Teletherapy Specialist

Debra N Brosius, Psy.D., LLC

Psychologists & Mental Health Practice located in McLean, VA

Therapy benefits your emotional, mental, and social well-being. However, your busy schedule may make it hard for you to get to a therapist's office. At her private practice, Debra N Brosius, Psy.D., LLC in McLean, Virginia, the experienced clinical psychologist offers teletherapy. Instead of in-office therapy sessions, Dr. Brosius meets with you through a videoconferencing service. Find out more about teletherapy by calling the office or booking a consultation online today.

Teletherapy Q & A

What is teletherapy?

Teletherapy is a remote form of psychotherapy. Instead of meeting at the office for talk therapy, you meet with your therapist over the phone or through an online videoconferencing service. 

Dr. Brosius is an experienced clinical psychologist who offers teletherapy services for people all over the country through the Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact (PSYPACT). 

PSYPACT allows psychologists like Dr. Brosius to offer teletherapy services across state lines. This means you can receive teletherapy services from the integrated mental health practice even if you don’t live in Virginia. 

However, it is not customary nor is it Dr. Brosius’ regular practice to accept new clients who do not live in Virginia. This option is typically reserved for individuals who live in the DMV area or who have previously worked with Dr. Brosius and now live in a different location. 

Not all states have enacted PSYPACT legislation. 

Am I a candidate for teletherapy?

Before making any specific treatment recommendations, Dr. Brosius conducts a diagnostic intake. During the session, she asks detailed questions about your mental health concerns. She also reviews your medical and mental health history. 

The diagnostic intake also gives you a chance to get to know Dr. Brosius to see if she’s a good fit for your needs.

Dr. Brosius may consider you a candidate for teletherapy if you have problems or concerns that affect your emotional or mental well-being and you're open to her therapeutic approach.

Dr. Brosius provides individual therapy for teens and adults. She specializes mainly in testing but also treats individuals therapeutically with depression, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and autism.

What can I expect during teletherapy?

The specifics of your teletherapy depend on your mental health needs and goals. Therapy sessions last 50-60 minutes.

At your initial sessions, Dr. Brosius may focus on getting to know you. To get the most out of your appointments, it’s important that you trust and feel comfortable with your therapist. This way you’re more open to sharing and more receptive to recommendations.

For her teletherapy patients, Dr. Brosius primarily uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). With this approach, she helps you understand how your thoughts affect your behaviors and emotions. 

She then helps you make changes to your thought patterns to improve how you feel, behave, and interact with others. 

Find out more about teletherapy at Debra N Brosius, Psy.D., LLC, and how this convenient option may benefit you by calling or scheduling a consultation online today.